Invest in Robotics

60% of companies are projected to be using robotics by 2025*

Investing in robotics can provide investors with exposure to companies that advance automation, improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and more.

One of the ways you can invest is through Robotics ETFs on GOODFOLIO investing platform.

As always with investing, your capital is at risk.

Robotics ETFs

Robotics ETFs typically provide exposure to companies that do:

✔️ Robotics and automation
✔️ Automation software
✔️ Industrial machinery and equipment
✔️ Devices for industrial monitoring and control
✔️ Electronics used in automation and robotics applications

Company Examples*

*Sources: WEF, Garmin, iRobot, Ametek.


Aviation Technology

Garmins Autoland can engage automatically when it determines the pilot is unable to fly and help land the plane.


Consumer robots

iRobot vacuums allow you to tell your robot to clean specific areas within your rooms, a specific room, multiple rooms, or an entire floor.


Electronic Instruments

Ametek manufacture components of robotic surgery equipment for the medical device industry.

Company highlights

Here are examples of what companies in some of the funds we offer have been doing.

Therazin Medicines

Since 2008 they have been working aon a bunch of aids related ....asdijabsdiajbsd
10 medicines on market

Therazin Medicines

Since 2008 they have been working aon a bunch of aids related ....asdijabsdiajbsd
10 medicines on market

Therazin Medicines

Since 2008 they have been working aon a bunch of aids related ....asdijabsdiajbsd
10 medicines on market

Robotics and UN SDGs

One way to keep track of your investing impact is by UN SDGs.

SDGs are 17 global goals adopted by the United Nations. They are a blueprint for achieving a sustainable future.

Here are 2 SDGs aligned with robotics and automation,

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Robotics can improve the efficiency, productivity, safety, and innovation of manufacturing, industrial processes, and infrastructure.

SDG 17: Partnership for the goals

Robotics can be used to create virtual platforms for collaboration and information sharing, or to develop new technologies and applications through partnerships between companies, universities, and government agencies.

Robotics can also help to improve the efficiency and transparency of supply chains, which can support sustainable development and improve social and environmental outcomes.

Know Your Impact

GOODFOLIO investing platform helps you know the impact of your portfolio.

Your personal impact reports include:

1. Environmental footprint
2. UN SDGs revenue alignment
3. Geographic Exposure

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