Impact and sustainability

The financial sector is witnessing a surge in sustainable investing as investors prioritise the impact of their investments.

With GOODFOLIO you can provide your clients with personalised impact reports and analytics tools that enable them to invest better.

Thematic investing

Offer clients the ability to invest by themes that align with their values. This can range from climate solutions and water sanitation, to gender equality and clean energy.

We organise investments into themes for your users and provide them with the context they need to comprehend what they are investing in. That includes examples of companies, theme overviews, relevant UN SDGs, trends and more.

Personalised Impact Reporting

UN sustainable development goals provide a framework for users to gain a better understanding of their investing impact.

By knowing how the revenue of their investments aligns with particular SDGs such as "Climate action", users can invest better and importantly, feel better about their impact.

Comparison tools

Powerful impact comparison tools that enable your investors to compare stocks or ETFs side by side.

That includes sustainability and ESG data such as environmental footprint, industry breakdown, country breakdown and UN SDG revenue alignment.


Our focus on sustainability sets us apart from the market. We have a lot of experience in providing meaningful and engaging tools in this space, as well as having an understanding of the knowledge gaps which investors are most struggling with.

And that's what really sets us apart. We know how to leverage the latest data sources and tell stories which resonate with investors and give them meaningful insights into the often opaque world of sustainable investing.

Talk to the experts

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Through our range of white-label and bespoke solutions, we assist you in expanding product offerings swiftly, efficiently, with a focus on customer experience. This enables you to stay at the forefront of the industry and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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