Enabling better, compliant, engagement in retail finance

Enhance your client engagement, streamline marketing compliance processes, unlock growth.

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Advanced Financial Promotion Compliance Automation and Intelligence.
Streamline Creation, Approval, and Monitoring.

Investing platforms

Create a tailored investment platform for your niche, delivering unparalleled engagement and rapid deployment.

Client portals

Offer an exceptional experience with our tailored client portals for financial advisers, providing seamless communication and engaging user interfaces.

Advisory copilot

Leverage the power of AI to swiftly address inquiries whilst remaining fully compliant and retaining data privacy.

Report automation

Elevate your customers' investing experience through automated, personalised reporting narratives.

Intelligence and insights

Empower your customers by leveraging leading industry tools and integrations, equipping them to make better informed investment decisions.

Impact and Sustainability

Provide your clients with personalised reports and analytics tools that enable them to invest with their values.

Bespoke solutions

As well as providing white-label solutions, our team is poised to offer you bespoke products that are tailored to the precise needs of you and your users.

Get ahead of the curve.

Plug and play

Seamlessly integrate with a suite of industry tools including custody, trading, payments, KYC/AML, data feeds.

Web and mobile

Offer your services via our white-label applications. Clean, modern UX, tailored to your brand.


Leverage latest data technology to provide personalised investing experiences.

Tailored solutions

Scale cost-effectively by augmenting your existing solutions.


Stay secure using industry-standard data practices and third party audits.

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At GOODFOLIO, we empower you to expedite your digital wealth transformation and introduce superior investing experiences for your customers.

Through our range of white-label and bespoke solutions, we assist you in expanding product offerings swiftly, efficiently, with a focus on customer experience. This enables you to stay at the forefront of the industry and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

We look forward to connect with you and discuss how GOODFOLIO can enhance your capabilities, leveraging the latest wealth technology innovations for your valued customers.